The Art & Creations of ShadowsMyst

Art by Chelsey Bueckert“Evil Space Cat” fanart courtesy of Mysti

What is Evil Space Cat Productions?

Evil Space Cat Productions is the business name under which Marie Tary often joined by Chelsey Bueckert market and sell their art and various crafty creations both online and at conventions. Normally the two share a table at conventions, but sometimes they do exhibit apart. You can learn more about each individual artist on ShadowsMyst’s About page and Che’s about page.

If you have questions, inquiries, or comments, Email is the preferred method of contact. You can email Marie at shadowsmyst at gmail dot com.

 What is an “Evil Space Cat?”

An evil space cat is a jet black feline, weighing approximately 15lbs that, when playing the card game of Star Trek, comes along and absolutely MUST play with the ‘spaceline’ cards ( which represents the universe) Effectively destroying the universe. Thus, Evil Space Cats are nasty critters that tend to blow up/dishevel your entire world. Marie has two and she love them both.