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The Art & Creations of ShadowsMyst

Next Con: Cos & Effect!

It’s time for another Convention! Cos & Effect is a new Vancouver Cosplay convention that’s taking place at UBC this summer! The theme for this year is Steampunk! We will be at Cos & Effect on the weekend of August 13-14 selling t-shirts, comics, buttons, commissions and other goodies! Please come out and support us!…
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Minicomi – July 23rd

Hello all you lovely visitors, welcome to the realm of the EVIL SPACE CAT. Evil space cat is the ‘studio’ name that I use for my MANY projects in the realms of visual arts ( such as comics and prints), crafts (jewelry and lately polymer clays..), and other stuff. My name is Marie Tary, you…
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New website

I’m redesigning the website, so at the moment the place is a little barren and stark. Bare with me here as I sort out my new look. I’m sure it will rock once I’m done.