Convention Schedule 2012 so far

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Convention Schedule 2012 so far

Whew, well holidays are over, and its already booking time for Convention season!

Here’s where I’m at so far, I’ve got 3 confirmed, and one yet unconfirmed, one undecided if I’m going to go.  Like last year I’m sticking to the conventions in my area, which is in and about Vancouver, BC.

I’m confirmed/booked for the following. Click the links for more information on the events themselves:

I’m still applying for:

  • Cos & Effect

I’m still considering:

  • Minicomi

I’m working on new products for this year as well. We did debut ponyfalls and foam based kitty ears at Vcon, the ears were really popular, and we actually sold out! The falls generated a lot of interest, but I have to experiment with some different ways of attaching them and making them for cheaper. The price was a bit out of the ideal range.

I’m also going to try to debut some new jewelry. The other stuff, while people LOVED to look, didn’t sell so well. But again, I’m blaming price point and cash availability. Most people at all the conventions last year, were very VERY careful with money, so most things they bought were under $10. I’m going to try to make stuff that I can sell for that low and still make a profit. I have some ideas, I’m going to get to work on that.

I’m working on the first printed issue of Shifters, and the second issue of Brymstone. Brymstone’s second chapter is a bit of a special case, since I have to redraw it. The redrawn version will only be available in print. One of these days I’ll collect everything into a graphic novel, I swear. 😛

Buttons have been a GREAT seller for me, and I hope to offer some fresh designs this year, as well as the favorites from last year.  I’m also offering Zipper pulls now (buttons that clip onto your zipper or keys) with many of the designs I offer in buttons. I’m considering another button maker, but right now I’ll have to make do with the one I have.

In between all this, I’ve got to really get to work on art. XD Originals and prints. My artbook is so out of date its embarassing. So i’ve got my work cut out for me in the next three months! No time for Skyrim (sobs!).